The Israel Association of Computational Methods in Mechanics - IACMM (איגוד ישראלי לשיטות חישוביות במכניקה - אישח"מ) is an association established with the aim of promoting and fostering the computational mechanics field in Israel. Computational Mechanics is concerned with the use of computational approaches to characterize, predict, and simulate physical phenomena and engineering systems governed by the laws of mechanics. Thus, IACMM shall serve as a formal vehicle for coordinating symposia, conferences, and other technical meetings, and it shall promote research, commercial and academic activities in the general area of computational mechanics that take place within Israel. The specific objectives of IACMM are:

  1. Organizing lectures and symposia in Israel on the topic of computational methods in mechanics.
  2. Coordinating technical meetings for various organizations that are interested in computational methods in mechanics in Israel and abroad.
  3. Collaboration with institutes and organizations in Israel and abroad in the general area of computational mechanics.

The Israeli Association of Computational Methods in Mechanics is not for profit and the activity in the association is on a voluntary basis. IACMM is an affiliate of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM).